About Specialist Ventilation Services.

Specialist Ventilation Services Limited was formed in 1998 by Andy McArthur who is actively involved in new bespoke product manufacturing, development and designs.

Ventilation equipment supplier

Initially working from a small office as a ventilation equipment supplier offering design and performance selection advice to Architects, Consulting Engineers, Mechanical Contractors and Local Authorities the company has over the past 23 years grown steadily.

Manufacturing security louvres

In 2008 the company opened its first small 3500² ft factory in County Durham manufacturing security louvres and similar products.

Tri-Pro fire dampers

In 2010 the company invested in the Tri-Pro range of fire dampers designed by Richard Perrin of Tri Air Innovations Ltd and soon brought the manufacturing of the product range to Co Durham

10,000ft factory

Since then in 2014 the company expanded into a 10,000²ft factory and now have a team of engineers, each offering expertise in a variety of fields within the HVAC and Building Services Industry and manufacturing.

In house product and design service

Our “In house” product and design services enables our engineers to continue to offer assistance to our clients in their design and selection of our varied range of standard and bespoke products.

Our range of expertise is primarily, but not exclusively:

Our facilities include:-




Common facilities and machines include:

  • Turret Punch

    30 Tone 40 Station

  • Press Brakes

    135 Tone

  • Guillotine

    3000 wide x 6mm

  • Swage Machines

    Various different sizes to suit material thicknesses

  • Rolling

    Powered Rolling machines

  • Welding Machines

    Welding machines suitable for MIG, TIG and Spot for all material types such as Stainless, Aluminium, Brass and Steel etc.

Our specialist machines also include:

  • Seam Welder

    Soudronic Seam Welder for the production of cylinders and damper casings as well as other sheet metal components with seams.

  • Hydraulic Presses

    Hydraulic Presses for the forming of part components.

  • Clinch machine

    Clinch machine for securing standing joints or flanges without any form of fixing components such as screws, bolts or rivets etc.

  • Setter Machine

    Setter Machine for concealed fixings etc.

  • Spin Riveter

    Spin Riveter for forming components

  • Our Tool Room

    Our Tool Room has additional machines such as Lathes, Drills, grinders and milling machines for the production of our own tooling requirements.

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