Access Range Dampers & Components

Specialist Ventilation Control Panels.
Fire & Smoke Dampers.
Kitchen Ventilation systems.
Smoke & Natural Ventilation General or bespoke systems.

Our range of specialist Ventilation Control Panels are designed to satisfy the demands of modern buildings in terms of performance and system requirements.
Our bespoke panels can be tailor made in accordance with the clients specific application in mind.

Access Range (Circular Dampers)

 Fire & Fire Smoke Dampers

AFVD   Fire & Volume Control Damper

AFSV   Fire, Smoke & Volume Control

Airflow Balancing Dampers

ACVD   Constant Volume Damper

ASBV   Single Blade Volume Control

ANRD   Non Return Damper

ALLD    Low Leakage Damper

ATSD   Tight Shut-off Damper

Other Access components

ADDC   Access Door Duct Connector

ACMU   Crossflow Measuring Unit